Herb Garden Workshop

Date: June 12th, 2021
Time: 10 AM
Location: Young’s Greenhouse
Cost: $20 PP

Description: Base price of $20 includes Container, dirt, 4 herbs, labels (additional material and larger gardens are available for purchase.)

  • I've gone back twice this spring already!!! Always have what's on the list and what I didn't know I needed... read more

    Amanda Lanham Avatar
    Amanda Lanham

    Love the plants & the staff is very friendly & helpful.

    Kelly Connolly Strout Avatar
    Kelly Connolly Strout

    The best selection of gorgeous, healthy plants. Just love wandering through their greenhouses. Shop local for the best!

    Lisa Donohue Avatar
    Lisa Donohue
  • Had a great time!!

    Lynda Lary Avatar
    Lynda Lary

    wow so much to see and look at! so many options

    Stefanie Freeman Avatar
    Stefanie Freeman

    Just discovered Young's this spring...my gardens have never looked so great! Can't wait for next spring.

    Sheryl Walters Avatar
    Sheryl Walters
  • their selections are hugh and they are a friendly business and their prices are great 💜

    Laurie Knight Avatar
    Laurie Knight

    My very first visit this spring with my granddaughter. Every corner I turned there was someone there asking if I... read more

    Mary Doak Avatar
    Mary Doak

    Great selection, prices, and outstanding service!

    Laurie Olsen Santillo Avatar
    Laurie Olsen Santillo
  • Beautiful variety of plants/herbs/vegetables. Lots of options. Great staff and easy check out!

    Myrissa Dan Avatar
    Myrissa Dan

    Still have lots and lots of good plants. Good customer service.

    Callie Zilinsky Avatar
    Callie Zilinsky

    Amazing plants. Amazing service. We buy wholesale to fill our two (small) greenhouses... our customers RAVE about the quality!!!

    Jessica Hill Nichols Avatar
    Jessica Hill Nichols
  • Tons of beautiful plants! I was impressed with how many houses they had and that they were full!

    Jessica Polvinen Avatar
    Jessica Polvinen

    Exceptional and prompt service today! Thank you so much!

    Cortney Brunelle Avatar
    Cortney Brunelle

    Beautiful, full, healthy plants. Great friendly atmosphere!

    Phil Richardson Avatar
    Phil Richardson