Tropicals: A tropical plant is a plant that grows naturally in a tropical climate. A tropical climate is typically hot and humid, with temperatures constantly exceeding 18 degrees Celsius, with zero frost days.  In Maine and nearby neighboring Northeast states (like Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont), tropicals make great seasonal plants that may be brought in over the winter or used seasonally for the summer.

Great uses for tropicals are as hangers (hanging baskets) on decks, in pots around pools and on patios.  Tropicals offer abundant greens and beautiful large colorful flowers.

At Young’s Greenhouse, we have one full greenhouse devoted to tropicals featuring live displays.  We have everything from a hanging basket, to small pot to an 8′ mandevilla! Come walk through, explore and enjoy!

Our list of tropicals this season are listed below.

*Please note, all products and plants listed are subject to availability.

Gallery of some of our Tropicals. (Inventory always changes)

Full List of our Tropicals

Adenium hybrid Triple Bloom
Agave Grower Choice
Alocasia Calidora
Alocasia macro Black Stem
Alocasia Portora
Alpinia zerum Variegata
Asparagus aethiopicus HB
Beaucarnea recurvata
Bonsai Collection
Bonsai Collection
Canna Cannova Bronze Orange
Canna Cannova Bronze Scarlet
Canna Cannova Red Sh
Canna Cannova Rose
Canna Cannova Yellow
Cycas revoluta
Dipladenia Madinia Pink#
Dipladenia Madinia Red Deep#
Dipladenia Madinia White#
Dipladenia Pink#
Dipladenia Pink# HB
Dipladenia Red
Dipladenia Red HB
Dipladenia Red Hoop
Dipladenia White#
Dipladenia White# HB
Dracaena marginata Bcol
Dracaena marginata Colorama
Dracaena marginata Magenta
Dracaena warn Lemon Lime
Duranta erecta Sapph Shwr Stnd
FE Foxtail Growers Choice
FE Neph exal Boston HB
FO Calathea Beauty Star
FO Calathea Burle Marx
FO Calathea Dottie#
FO Calathea lancifolia
FO Cordyl aus Red Star
FO Cordyl fru Red Sister
FO Cordyl frut Florida
FO Cordyl Hot Pepper
FO Cordyl Red Sensation
FO Croton Assortment
FO Croton Gold Dust
FO Croton Iceton Red
FO Croton Petra
FO Croton Petra
FO Ficus elast Robusta Burg

FO Ficus elastica Burgundy
FO Ficus elastica robusta
FO Ficus lyrata
FO Ficus lyrata Single
FO Ficus lyrata Standard
FO Hedera helix Green
FO Hedera helix Var Gold
FO Hedera helix Var White
FO Monstera deliciosa
FO Peperomia cap Red Luna
FO Peperomia Nevada Happy Bean
FO Philodendron cordatum
FO Pothos Marble Queen
FO Sansevieria cyli Starfish
FO Sansevieria tri Black Coral
FO Senecio rad Strng o Banana
FO Senecio String of Asstmt HB
FO Senecio String of Pearls#
FO Spathiphyl Grower Choice
FO Syngonium Neon
FO Syngonium White Butterfly
Gardenia jas Miami Supreme Bsh
Gardenia jas Miami Supreme Std
Hibiscus Braided Assortment
Hibiscus Bush Assortment
Hibiscus Fiesta Standard
Hibiscus Multi Color Braid
Lantana Multi Color Braid Stnd
Mand Assortment TeePee
Mand Combo Trellis
Mand Pink Hoop
Mand Pink Tee Pee
Mand Pink Trellis
Mand Red Hoop
Mand Red Tee Pee
Mand Red Trellis
Mand White Hoop
Mand White Trellis
Mand Yellow Trellis
Strelitzia reginae