Vegetables – 4 ½”

VF Cucumber Sweet Success
VF Eggplant Classic
VF Eggplant Hansel
VF Eggplant Pinstripe
VF Pepper Bangkok
VF Pepper Carmen
VF Pepper Declaration
VF Pepper Habanero Orange
VF Pepper Hungarn Cheese Blnd
VF Pepper Jalapeno
VF Pepper Lady Bell
VF Pepper Purple Beauty
VF Pepper Revolution
VF Pepper Torero
VF Pepper Yummy Mix
VF Tomato Black Cherry
VF Tomato Cherokee Purple
VF Tomato Costoluto Genovese
VF Tomato Fourth of July
VF Tomato Mega Bite
VF Tomato Mr Stripey
VF Tomato Primo Red


  • My favorite place. There’s a HUGE selection ... but still has that local hometown feel. Owners/employees are very helpful &... read more

    Cindy Grondin Aldrich Avatar
    Cindy Grondin Aldrich

    Wife and I buy there they have great product and great staff.

    Norm Letourneau Avatar
    Norm Letourneau

    wow so much to see and look at! so many options

    Stefanie Freeman Avatar
    Stefanie Freeman
  • Great family owned business. Plenty of everything you could ask for and more!!! Excellent service. Thank you... read more

    Daryl S LaMore Avatar
    Daryl S LaMore

    Lots of inventory, great family run business! Knowledgeable staff. Buy local!!!! 🙂

    Cheryl Wilson Callahan Avatar
    Cheryl Wilson Callahan

    Still have lots and lots of good plants. Good customer service.

    Callie Zilinsky Avatar
    Callie Zilinsky
  • Family run business every one very helpful plants and related first rate ! Ed D Riley

    Edward Riley Avatar
    Edward Riley

    Very nice selection of everything and extremely competitively priced.

    Kathy Pickett Avatar
    Kathy Pickett

    The best place to go for all your gardening needs.

    Jennifer Smith Avatar
    Jennifer Smith
  • A revelation. The best place around in my opinion.

    Rachel Randall Barker Avatar
    Rachel Randall Barker

    Thanks so much for giving my son all the plants for his salsa garden for his senior project. Its all... read more

    Karen Gilbert Avatar
    Karen Gilbert

    Very friendly, great selection.

    Jeremiah Anderson Avatar
    Jeremiah Anderson
  • Bought the most beautiful rose bushes @ Young’s!

    Beth Carmitros Bowie Avatar
    Beth Carmitros Bowie

    This is the best greenhouse in the area! I got everything on my list, and some besides. Very healthy plants... read more

    Martha Jackson Avatar
    Martha Jackson

    This is my go-to greenhouse every spring for both flowers and vegetables. The stock is very healthy, the service... read more

    Rita LeBlanc Durgin Avatar
    Rita LeBlanc Durgin