Fresh Cut Roses

May 4, 2023


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Young’s Greenhouse is excited to introduce fresh cut flowers at our greenhouse in South Paris, Maine available to pre-order each month. We are bringing in the most beautiful roses from Ecuador that are absolutely huge! We will be offering these by the dozen each month and will be rotating the colors that will be available. We will offer both regular roses and specialty roses that are “Hippy Psychedelic Roses”, boutique roses from Ecuador, with a wide range of color variations for your enjoyment and needs.


You may order one dozen for just one month or place an order for as many dozens and as many months as you would like!


Each month we will have a variety of colors available along with a Surprise – “Our Choice” selection which will be a choice made by Young’s Greenhouse and a surprise when you come and pick up your roses.


For each month we have listed a date that you need to place your order by and then the dates to pick up during normal business hours.


Happy shopping! We know you will love these roses as much as we do!


Purchases Are Non-refundable, and availability is subject to change*.
*Everything is subject to change and based on availability as these are fresh-cut flowers.


Order by June 5 and pick up June 8 or June 9 during normal business hours.
Order by July 3 and pick up July 6 or July 7 during normal business hours.
Order by August 7 and pick up on August 10 or August 11 during normal business hours.


Regular Roses are $24 per dozen plus Maine State Tax
Specialty Roses are $48 per dozen plus Maine State Tax


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June, July, August, September, October

Fresh Cut Roses

Pink and White Bi Color, Red, Coral Pink Amsterdam, Yellow, Lavender, Surpise "Our Choice", Flag Twist – Specialty, Frozen Light Pink – Specialty, Glow in The Dark Blue – Specialty, Lilac Mix – Specialty, Paranormal – Specialty, Phantom – Specialty, Summer Vibes – Specialty, Supernatural – Specialty, Wisper – Specialty, Specialty Surprise "Our Choice"