Beef Pre Order Deposit

November 24, 2020


$4 Per Pound of Live Weight.

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Home Grown Beef Deposit

Our beef is humanely raised and processed. It is a combination of grass fed and grain fed Maine-Anjou and Chianina cattle. The Chianina cattle, an Italian breed is mainly raised for beef, is the largest and one of the oldest breeds of cattle in the world. The Maine-Anjou, imported into North America in 1969, is originally from Northwestern France.

We are currently sold out of all whole, half, and quarter beef pre-orders through September of 2021. We will have limited availability for beef pre-orders in December 2021 and in 2022.

We do currently have hamburger, stew meat, and pot roast available from our farm fresh beef in our freezer for sale. Please contact Gemma Young for details, information and to make purchases.

Our Standard beef is packaged into steak, pot roast, stew beef, and hamburger.

Custom packages are available if ordering far enough in advance.

Custom packages information is here:

All sales and orders are final, with no cancellations and no refunds.

All orders are to be picked up at Young’s Greenhouse. Pick-up date to be scheduled about one week in advance.


$4 per pound live weight. Whole cow is typically 1,000-1,500 pounds.
Cut and wrapped whole cow is typically 500-800 pounds of meat.


You must pick your order up at Young’s Greenhouse.

We will notify you a week ahead of time to schedule pickup Due to lack of freezer space your order must be picked up on the day you are scheduled.

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1/4 Cow Deposit, 1/2 Cow Deposit, Whole Cow Deposit

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December 2021, April 2022, June 2022, August 2022, September 2022