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A Young Girl’s Dream Flourishes Into Cattle Business

Not many 17-year-old girls would choose a heifer over a new car. But, not all teenage girls are Gemma Young.

Gemma – the youngest daughter of Jacqueline and Glen Young – did just that, effectively starting her flourishing cattle business on the farm at Young’s Greenhouse.

Gemma first found her passion for raising livestock in 1999 while participating in 4H. During that time, she raised market lambs and steers to both show and sell at Oxford County Fair, Fryeburg Fair, Windsor Fair, and The Big E. When she graduated high school, her parents bought her a heifer, instead of that car. Since then, her love for cattle and this business grew into her own herd of more than 25 head of cattle, with new calves being born every winter and spring.

Gemma’s beef is humanely raised and processed. It is a combination of grass-fed and grain-fed Maine-Anjou and Chianina cattle. The Chianina cattle – an Italian breed of cattle mainly raised for beef – is the largest and one of the oldest cattle breeds of the world. The Maine-Anjou – imported into North America in 1969 – is originally from the northwestern part of France.

20 years since getting her first cow, things have come full circle. Gemma’s nieces and nephews help her raise the steers and, just like their aunt, show and sell them in 4H at the Oxford County and Fryeburg Fairs. What started as one girl’s goal to raise top-quality show beef cattle and market beef has transformed into a true family affair.

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What to Expect with Order

This is a breakdown of what someone can expect to receive packaged when they order a quarter of a cow – the total weight will continually vary, but this is to give an idea of what to expect to get all packaged with the quarter cow purchase:

All packages of steaks will contain 1-2 steaks and weights will vary.  The amount of steaks listed below are the total packages that will then contain 1 or two steaks.

  • 3 porterhouse steaks
  • 2  New York sirloin steaks
  • 8 rib eyes steaks
  • 3 t-bone steaks
  • 1 tenderloin steak
  • 1 top sirloin steak
  • 2 Chuck roast (average 3-5lbs each)
  • 2 shanks for soup
  • 79 hamburger (average 1lb packages)
  • 6 packages stew meat (1lb packages)

From this, if you order half a cow you can expect to receive twice what you get with a quarter.  And, if you order a whole cow you can expect to receive twice as much as a half or four times as much as a quarter.

Currently, Young Girls Farm has two-quarter cows all packaged and ready to go.

Quarter #1 is $1,038.00

Quarter #2 is $1,390.00

On The Farm

Our delicious homegrown beef is humanely raised and processed. The all-natural beef at Young’s Greenhouse is sold year-round.  

Pre-Order a whole, half, or quarter cow.  We process our beef between December and September each year and take orders year-round.

We always have hamburger available and have added special cuts of beef as well.  You may order it online to pick up or stop by the farm during our seasonal hours. You can also email us at info@theyoungsgreenhouse.com

Young Girls Farm Bull Sires 3 out of 4 Top 4-H Market Beef Winners at 2021 Oxford County Fair.

Gemma Young, owner of Young Girls Farm first found her passion for raising livestock in 1999 while participating in and showing market beef and lambs in 4-H.  Fast forward 22 years and three out of the four top 4-H Market Beef winners at the 2021 Oxford County Fair were all sired by the same bull at Gemma’s flourishing Young Girls Farm.  

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