Indoor Plants

Indoor House and Office Plants – Plants add elegance and enhance indoor spaces.  In addition to adding beauty and color to your home, indoor plants can actually help to purify the air.

Whether you are looking for indoor plants for your home or office, Young’s Greenhouse has a large selection for you to choose from. With options of great air purifier plants, low light plants, pet safe plants, and more, come check out our selection with all sizes of plants from big to small. We have everything from easy to care for house plants to absolutely stunning plants and we will help you fill up your living space or office space with a little color and life.

Some of our indoor plant offerings include:
  • Snake Plants are some of the most hardy plants.  Beautiful and practically indestructible.  These are great beginners plant.
  • English Ivy is another hardy plant that can be used indoors or out – all you need is a pot or hanging basket and a little light.
Plus we offer the following plants which would be suitable for indoor use as well:
  • Succulents:  from cactus to aloe to paddle plants…we have an enormous selection of succulents! Come check them out or join one of our “Build Your Own Succulent Bowl” Workshops!
  • Tropicals:  from ferns to mandevillas – Young’s Greenhouse has a wide range of tropical plants that can be used outdoors or brought into your home! Come take a walk through “Greenhouse 1 – Tropical Plants” and get inspired! Our Greenhouse 1 is filled to the brim with tropical plants!
  • Fresh herbs are another way to add plants into your home or office space and we have a wide selection and the pots and planters to fill with them!

Air PlantsAir Plant is a super fun and trendy plant and easy to take care of. They do not require soil and may be glued to any surface including a computer screen or placed in a terrarium!

Bonsai Bonsai is a Japanese art and tradition of cultivating small trees, creating miniature representations of nature. It is a beautiful option to add elegance and enhance your indoor spaces.

Please note, all products and plants listed are subject to change and availability.

Gallery of some of our Indoor Plants. (Inventory always changes)

Full List of our Indoor Plants

Alocasia Calidora
Alocasia macro Black Stem
Alocasia Portora
Beaucarnea recurvata
Beaucarnea recurvata
Dipladenia Madinia Pink#
Dipladenia Madinia Red Deep#
Dipladenia Madinia White#
Dracaena marginata Bcol
Dracaena marginata Colorama
Dracaena marginata Magenta
Dracaena warn Lemon Lime
FE Foxtail Growers Choice
FE Foxtail Growers Choice
FO Calathea Beauty Star
FO Calathea Burle Marx
FO Calathea Dottie#
FO Calathea lancifolia
FO Cordyl fru Red Sister
FO Cordyl Red Sensation
FO Croton Gold Dust
FO Croton Gold Dust
FO Croton Iceton Red
FO Croton Iceton Red
FO Croton Petra
FO Croton Petra
FO Ficus elast Robusta Burg
FO Ficus elastica robusta
FO Ficus lyrata
FO Ficus lyrata Single
FO Hedera helix Green
FO Hedera helix Var Gold

FO Hedera helix Var White
FO Peperomia cap Red Luna
FO Peperomia Nevada Happy Bean
FO Philodendron cordatum
FO Pothos Marble Queen
FO Sansevieria cyli Starfish
FO Sansevieria tri Black Coral
FO Senecio rad Strng o Banana
FO Senecio String of Pearls#
FO Syngonium Neon
FO Syngonium White Butterfly
Adenium hybrid Triple Bloom
Agave Grower Choice
Agave Grower Choice
Alpinia zerum Variegata
Asparagus aethiopicus HB
Cycas revoluta
Dipladenia Pink#
Dipladenia Pink#
Dipladenia Pink# HB
Dipladenia Red
Dipladenia Red
Dipladenia Red HB
Dipladenia Red Hoop
Dipladenia White#
Dipladenia White#
Dipladenia White# HB
Duranta erecta Sapph Shwr Stnd
FE Neph exal Boston HB
FO Cordyl aus Red Star
FO Cordyl frut Florida
FO Cordyl Hot Pepper

FO Croton Assortment
FO Croton Assortment
FO Croton Petra
FO Croton Petra
FO Croton Petra
FO Ficus elastica Burgundy
FO Ficus lyrata
FO Ficus lyrata Standard
FO Ficus lyrata Standard
FO Monstera deliciosa
FO Senecio String of Asstmt HB
FO Spathiphyl Grower Choice
Gardenia jas Miami Supreme Bsh
Gardenia jas Miami Supreme Std
Hibiscus Braided Assortment
Hibiscus Bush Assortment
Hibiscus Bush Assortment
Hibiscus Fiesta Standard
Hibiscus Multi Color Braid
Lantana Multi Color Braid Stnd
Mand Assortment TeePee
Mand Combo Trellis
Mand Pink Hoop
Mand Pink Trellis
Mand Red Hoop
Mand Red Trellis
Mand White Hoop
Mand White Trellis
Mand Yellow Trellis
Strelitzia reginae