Herbs are always plentiful at Young’s Greenhouse! Whether you are adding to a large garden or looking to have a small pot of herbs on your deck or a pot in your window, we strive to offer all that you would want!

Fresh herbs offer great taste to your cooking at home, your canning or in infused waters or oils!

And if you are looking for some inspiration or would like to learn how to pot herbs from the pros and taste some recipes from the Young Family, check out our Herb Workshop – just click here to register or learn more!

We have also just released in 2024, a blog called “Recipes From Our Farm” and we are releasing recipes inspired by Basil, Dill, Lavender, Parsley and Rosemary! We hope you will enjoy! We will add recipes throughout the year from our family to share with yours! We hope we will inspire you to grow and cook with your own fresh garden herbs!

Check out the list of our herbs we will offer this season below.

*Please note, all products and plants listed are subject to availability.

Gallery of some of our Herbs. (Inventory always changes)

Full List of our Herbs

HE Arugula Wasabi
HE Basil Cinnamon
HE Basil Dolce Fresca
HE Basil Everleaf Genovese
HE Basil Everleaf Thai Towers
HE Basil Genovese
HE Basil Italian Large Leaf
HE Basil Mrs Burns Lemon
HE Basil Rutgers DMR Passion
HE Basil Siam Queen
HE Basil Swt Mammoth Ruffled
HE Borage
HE Caraway
HE Chamomile German
HE Chamomile Roman
HE Chervil
HE Chives
HE Chives Garlic
HE Cilantro sativum Santo

HE Cymbopogon flexuosus
HE Dill Dukat
HE Dill Fernleaf
HE Dill Greensleeves
HE Fennel
HE Fennel Dulce Bronze
HE Hierochloe odorata
HE Horehound
HE Hyssop officinalis
HE Lavandula ang Munstead
HE Lavandula Hidcote Blue
HE Lemon Balm
HE Lemon Verbena
HE Lovage
HE Marigold Citrus Lemon Gem
HE Marigold Citrus Tangrn Gem
HE Marjoram Sweet
HE Melissa Org Balm Mandarina
HE Mint Apple

HE Mint Banana
HE Mint Chocolate
HE Mint Jessica’s Sweet Pear
HE Mint Mojito
HE Mint Peppermint
HE Mint Pineapple Variegated
HE Mint Spearmint
HE Mint Strawberry
HE Nepeta cataria Catnip
HE Oregano Greek
HE Oregano Italian
HE Oregano Kent Beauty
HE Parsley Italian
HE Parsley Italian Giant
HE Parsley Triple Curled
HE Rosemary off Arp
HE Rosemary off Barbecue
HE Rosemary off Gorizia
HE Rosemary off Hntngtn Carpt

HE Rosemary off Prostratus
HE Rosemary off Salem
HE Rosemary off Spice Island
HE Rosemary off Tuscan Blue
HE Salvia-Sage Garden
HE Salvia-Sage Pineapple
HE Salvia-Sage Purple
HE Salvia-Sage Tcol
HE Savory mont Winter
HE Stevia Sweet Leaf#
HE Tarragon French
HE Tarragon Russian
HE Thyme cit Cascata Lemonade
HE Thyme cit Lemon
HE Thyme French
HE Thyme vul English
HE Bay Laurel – Tree