Beef Specialty Cuts

A Young Girls Farm offers farm-fresh beef that has been humanely raised and processed. Our beef is a combination of grass-fed and grain-fed Maine-Anjou and Chianina cattle raised on the farm at Young’s Greenhouse by Young Girls Farm.

Our special cuts are offered year-round and are based on availability. We stock our freezer with our special cuts that are packaged for individuals and families. Our steaks are packaged in single steak and two steak packs. Our roasts and stew meat are packaged in portions an individual or a family would use.

Stop by Young’s Greenhouse during our open hours to buy our farm fresh beef that is available in our freezer along with our hamburger or call us / email us to place an order.

Your support of our local small business and farm is greatly appreciated.

Special Cuts Available

  • T-bone $10.75 per pound
  • Bone in rib eye steak $10.75 per pound
  • Porterhouse steak $10.75 per pound
  • New York sirloin steak $7.75 per pound
  • Tenderloin steak $13.75 per pound
  • Sirloin tip steak $6.75 per pound
  • Shank for soup $3.99 per pound
  • Boneless chuck roast $6.75 per pound
  • Boneless stew meat $5.75 per pound
  • Beef bones $25.00 per bag
  • Always awesome the family atmosphere. For this Community.. priceless

    Donna Butterfield-Loopley Avatar
    Donna Butterfield-Loopley

    their flowers are beautiful and their prices are great and they have a very informitable crew and very friendly

    Laurie Knight Avatar
    Laurie Knight

    Mother's Day go-to stop!

    Patty Hunt Avatar
    Patty Hunt
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    Kathy Cannan Vachowski Avatar
    Kathy Cannan Vachowski

    This is a beautiful place to shop for your favorite flowers, you are sure to find what you are... read more

    Adrien Dumais Avatar
    Adrien Dumais

    Good selection when I was there. Will go back.

    Bill Compton Avatar
    Bill Compton
  • Huge place nice 5 stars.

    Joe Buck Avatar
    Joe Buck

    Absolutely love Young's! Highly recommend!! Super nice folks and beautiful plants!!

    Becky Avatar

    Amazing plants. Amazing service. We buy wholesale to fill our two (small) greenhouses... our customers RAVE about the quality!!!

    Jessica Hill Nichols Avatar
    Jessica Hill Nichols
  • Very nice, helpful people there.

    wholefoods lifestyles Avatar
    wholefoods lifestyles

    Absolutely the best!!! And everyone is So very helpful and courteous!!! Katie Heino Pomerleau

    Catherine Pomerleau Avatar
    Catherine Pomerleau

    Beautiful plants and great service. Spend hours just looking and choosing.

    Debra Dunham Avatar
    Debra Dunham
  • Always very satisfied and happy with their plants for over 40 years. Wonderful family. I am always satisfied... read more

    Judy O'Connor Avatar
    Judy O'Connor

    Large selection of plants and very well taken care of. Very friendly service.

    Claudiu Stan Avatar
    Claudiu Stan

    Loved the prices...much cheaper than where we are from. Loved the flowers, vegetables and garden alligator.Staff is awesome. Loved the... read more

    Kathy Smith Avatar
    Kathy Smith